Saturday, June 25, 2011

The T family at the Mt. Washington Hotel

 I had a great night at the Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, NH tonight. This incredible family is celebrating their parents 50th wedding anniversary and asked if I would take a family photo of everyone (20 people in all). The day started out dreary and drizzly, but just before picture time the sun came out just enough to make beautiful lighting. More to come with this group, but I just had to share a quick shot.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What to expect during a photo session with JL Walker Photography {NH Family Portrait Photographer}

I know it is often very nerve racking to even think about posing in front of a camera, never mind adding in the whole family. I have created a small list of things that you can expect when you schedule your session with me:

  • Relaxed: I am honored to have been chosen by you and I am entirely yours for the duration of the session. My sessions are run by you, I can take as much time or as little time as necessary. Sometimes, I get dad's that just have that "look" when we begin, where the only the thing they want to be doing is...well...anything but have their photo these cases I will do my best to move along as quickly as possible. Other times small children take some time warming up and are more interested in a rock or worm or sometimes mom's pant leg than they are smiling for some crazy lady (that's me) with a camera. Either way, I let you set the pace.
  • Flexible: My sessions are not meant to make anyone stressed out I want to make this work for you no matter what. My first priority is to make your photo session something you do not have to worry about. If we have to start later because you forgot Suzy had a ball game and is in her uniform still, than so be it. I will also do my very best to accommodate your session dates and times.
  • Fun: I do not want anyone leaving a session with me unhappy. If nothing else I will make crazy faces and squat down low to get the perfect shot....I'm telling you, you can't help but laugh!
  •  Guaranteed:My promise to you is that if you are not happy with your session than I will work with you to figure out a solution. I want to guarantee that you will say, "wow, I'm so glad I chose you"

I'm starting to fill up my summer session's so if you haven't booked yet, please contact me to set up your appointment. July is almost entirely full!

Seniors, it is the perfect time to take portraits. Now that graduation is over you are officially seniors! Call me - email me - facebook - text ...just make your appointments soon!

If anyone is looking for rates or other information please contact me or visit my website JL Walker Photography


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dancing in the rain... {NH Family Photographer}

This little girl can brighten the rainiest day and it's a good thing because we shot in the rain and she was a super sport...and might I add only 3!! Those are her "boys" in the back, Oscar and King, in case anyone was wondering!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Father's Day Promotion from Tiny Prints and what's happening on the blog...

Father's day is coming up very soon (next Sunday for anyone that isn't sure)! Below is a great offer to help you out if you haven't figured out how you are going to fit in a trip to the greeting card store and the Post office, between the graduation ceremonies and awards banquets and everything else you most likely have going on as the school year winds down.....Tiny Prints is offering to help you out with one free Father's Day Card just use code (FREEFD) at check out, but you have to hurry because the offer expires on Monday 6/13.

So, here is the scoop.....

I am beginning to do some affiliate partnering with other websites and blogs. I'm sure you have noticed new banners popping up on this site. I hope to only partner with websites that have a natural affinity with my site. I want to give my readers and photography clients access to sources that I trust and use regularly. In doing this I will have access to select promotions offered by my affiliates. Be sure to check the site often for new sources and any promotions they may be running. I will also occasionally promote an item or source that I love and just think others would want to know about.

I will do my best to promote only items and promotions that I have used or know of someone that has used. Of course if you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to email me here. If I don't know the answer I will do my best to find it for you.

I'm very excited about my newest partnership with Tiny Prints a fabulous source for photo announcements, invitations, cards & stationary and their sister company The Wedding Paper Diva's who offer everything you need for the big day!

I can't post without a photo, and who can resist this doll!! 
We will see more of her soon!

PS I apologize to anyone that does not like that this post is promotional, but I'm really trying to give my readers and clients helpful resources that many people do not have the time to seek out on their own. I know this because I was that person not to long ago. I also feel I should let everyone know that these promotions do help support my business by paying me a small percentage of any sales they receive because of me. Hopefully you will find these offers useful thus making a win - win situation for all of us!

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below. (I really would like to know what you think) Even if you think I'm posting too much or what you would like to know more about.

Thank you as always for reading this far and supporting me in this phase of my adventure!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something to think about...

My post tonight has been weighing on my mind for sometime now. I would love to know your thoughts...
Do you know people "like me" or are YOU "like me"?

Of course I will share some photo's because this is still a Photography Blog!! There is nothing as sweet as a baby girl in a field of dandelions!

I'm not perfect, I know this could be surprising to many, but it's true. No, really I'm not perfect and I don't think that I am. The thing is, I'm probably my own worst critic. I tend to be harder on myself than even my worst enemy. I bring this up because it seems that so many people have this incessant need to point out other people's flaws and imperfections, in order to boost their own wilting ego's. For so many years I consciously but quietly allowed people in my life to minimize my strengths so as not to make them feel insecure or uneasy about themselves. I down played my success's and accomplishments in order to make everyone comfortable, in hopes that these same people would perhaps have the same courtesy when the rolls were reversed.

It's mind boggling to me that people are so completely inconsiderate of other human beings. I see this so much in the photography world. There are entire blogs dedicated to "the professional photographer vs. the wannabe photographer" and why consumers should be-ware of the "wanna be" and justifying their own business decisions by minimizing the choices that others make.

I for one am thankful for each and every client that chooses me to capture their families memories. I am in no way better than anyone else in this industry, but what I can say for sure is that I work very hard to make sure I am learning something new every single day. That I am using every resource that I can possibly get my hands on to enhance my ability to capture images in new and creative ways. Learning to use light and learning to say, "no I can't do that" or "I would love to try that, but know I have never done this before" because I know my limitations.

I know my limitations not only in the photography industry but as a mother and a wife and a human being. I know, I don't know everything.  I know I have allowed people to think certain "things" about me, but at the end of the day - I wouldn't be where I am today or have accomplished what I have today if I "wasn't paying attention". It's important to know that just because people don't always stand up for themselves in a specific manner or present a certain kind of confidence, you know the kind that is often confused with arrogance, does not mean they are faking what they know, but more likely faking what you think they don't know.

I realize this post may seem a little off topic, but this is my blog and I get to talk about whatever I want!!

Besides, what I'm speaking of really is an important lesson for many. A lesson that I not too long ago witnessed in the corporate world. Some personality traits will never change not even with age and implied maturity. It's important for some to recognize people like me. It is also important for people "like me" to know; sometimes there are people in this world that you think respect and understand you, but the bottom line is everyone isn't always looking out for your best interest. My advice to all, if you feel like you have to stifle your success or knowledge to save someone elses feelings, they probably don't deserve the consideration you are giving them. ....and if you read this and don't understand a word I'm are probably someone who thinks they know it all....aren't you?!

Monday, June 6, 2011

You cannot control...

You cannot control much of what happens in
life. But you can control if you let it affect your
mood and beliefs. If during tough times you
remain confident that all you want is still very
possible to attain, then it will be possible attain. Life is constantly testing your
commitment to snagging your desires. And
life’s greatest prizes go to those most capable
of keeping their eye on the prize.

great post from Karen Salmansohn

PS check out the survey on the side bar of the blog! Please let me know your opinions, I want to know!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The newest addition {NH Infant Photographer}

Laiyla Isabelle, was born on Monday May 23rd, 2011. Exactly one week after her birth my beautiful new niece traveled all the way from her home in Cape Cod to NH to have her first infant photo shoot! She was an absolute angel!