Monday, December 24, 2012

{Harmony ~ Organization ~ Peace ~ Enlightenment}: ~ Twas the Night Before...the Night Before... ~

{Harmony ~ Organization ~ Peace ~ Enlightenment}: ~ Twas the Night Before...the Night Before... ~
I once again will point you toward my dear friend Kristen and her inspiring words of wisdom. It's really simple, family is everything. Thank your lucky stars for them all, they are the ones that will hold you up when you cannot stand. Thank you K3 for always reminding me to "keep it real"
Love to all this Christmas Eve.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Cards

In the past I have held holiday mini-sessions in November and December unfortunately I just haven't had the time to add the promotion this year. I decided that with all of the commitments I have right now I wouldn't be able to give these sessions the special touches that make them so great.

However, I have decided to offer my clients the chance to place holiday card orders using the images from past sessions. Below is the digital catalog with the card options I have available. Please note I will not be offering new photo sessions for this offer. Any sessions scheduled after December 1st will not be ready for Christmas. Card orders will be accepted until December 18th at noon.

Prices vary according to number of cards and specific styles. Pricing begins at $50 for 25 cards. This includes my time and the use of images. Due to copyright laws I can only offer this service to JL Walker Photography clients using only JL Walker Photography images.

If you are interested in this offer please send me an email at the address on the top of the page.

Happy Holidays!