About Me

Who is she?
Jennifer Walker is a self-proclaimed avant-garde child and family photographer. Jennifer takes a journalistic approach to your family photographs.  By providing a relaxed atmosphere and choosing locations that are tailored to the client’s individuality, she is able to create heirloom images of your families “real moments”. She encourages her clients to interact with each other and strays from the standard posed studio portraiture.
How does she do it?
“I find that by allowing my clients to interact honestly with each other and encouraging them to be themselves it creates something unique. The smiles are genuine, the laughter is palpable and the love that resonates is what creates an image that cannot be duplicated. I strive to provide more than a great image of you, but also give you a great experience. I am beyond flattered when families tell me how much fun they had on their photo shoot. Too many family activities and events these days are planned and structured right to the core and in ways that do not allow for creativity or individuality. All this structure leaves us with unmet expectations and feelings of regret. I want to take all of those expectations away for one hour and allow you to be who you really are in front of my lens in hopes that one day you will look back on your images and you will recall the joy in that moment.”

A once self proclaimed skeptic, turned believer, in a life well lived!
I am the mother of the most beautiful twin boys (yes I'm biased - but really look at them). An adoring wife to my high school sweet heart and husband of 10 years!

How did I get here??

(well that is a long story....but here are the cliff notes)

In the spring of  2011 I took a leap of faith and left my 11 year career in the direct mailing industry.  I decided to make use of  my $40,000 business education.  I started my own photography business. It is a rewarding and challenging profession and I love every moment of it. The freedom of owning my life is more than any amount of money can buy.  Life is too short not to do what you love every day!!
In early 2012 I added yet another business to my portfolio. I fell in love with a line of jewelry and decided the only way I was going own every piece was to join the company. Without a single expectation I became an Independent Representative for Silpada Designs. I have never considered myself a sales professional but lucky for me Silpada Designs .925 sterling silver jewelry sells itself. I only have to share all of the beautiful items with everyone I know! Who could ask for a better way to "work".  If you are interested in learning more about what I do as and Independent Representative please visit my independent representative Silpada Designs website. If you think you are interested in the opportunity to own your own business you can contact me for details. If you are a go-getter and just want to try it out right now you can sign up to be part of my team

 Doing what I love for a living has made me wealthy beyond measure, and none of it has a single thing to do with money! By owning both of my business's I am able to give my kids more than the best name brands; I am able to give them my time and energy when they need and want it!

“The test of a vocation is the love of the drudgery it involves.”
 -Logan Pearsall Smith

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