Friday, April 12, 2013

Mountainside Wellness Hollistic Health Center - Littleton NH {full service counseling and well being center}

I have to admit I have some incredibly talented friends, and I thought it would be great to do a little bit of bragging about a few of these amazing woman.

I have decided to start posting about some of my favorite business's in the area starting with my dear friend Cyndee Baker, LMT owner of Mountainside Wellness Center - Littleton, NH.

We all know how passionate I am about following our dreams and not just spending our whole lives wishing our lives were different. Cyndee is amazing at following her heart and moving mountains to make her dreams a reality. Mountainside Wellness Center is the physical proof of Cyndee's blood sweat and tears, it is what she has worked so hard to create for years.

Mountainside Wellness is one of my favorite places to sit and just "be", just walking through the front door into the center I feel all my worries just lighten for a little bit. The aesthetics of the center are only the beginning. Cyndee always greets you with her smile and a cup of hot tea. The lighting that comes in to the front room, nicknamed the Yoga room as that is what its main use is, is heavenly. I may be biased as a photographer, but it truly is rare to find an indoor space with light this beautiful.

Cyndee has been pursuing one degree or another for as long as I can remember. She is a very multi talented (and certified) individual. The Mountainside Wellness center provides a wealth of services to nurture the whole-person. The current services offered include full service counseling, yoga classes for most levels and techniques, and a variety of specialized massage techniques.

"Working as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2004, Cyndee has developed a unique style of combining a variety of therapeutic techniques into each client's confidential, tailor-designed session for their body's specific needs.  As a Reiki III practitioner, Cyndee also incorporates the healing benefits of Reiki into every massage session for ultimate healing and stress reduction."

"We take great pride in the treatment we provide which is professional, confidential, and informed by best practices.  The services our counselors provide are caring and respectful of the minds and hearts of our clients."

I was honored to take marketing images for Cyndee inside of the center this winter. Mountainside truly has something for everyone and I encourage you to take a moment to visit or make an appointment for a little personal wellness.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Landscapes and Buildings oh my

I am obsessive about snapping photo's of beautiful surroundings! It is very rare that I do not get a shot of the location that I am shooting at. On a typical photo shoot I will just snap a quick shot and it never see's the light of day, but recently I thought it might be nice to share these images for others to see. The two photo's of the mountain are actual images of Cannon Mountain in Franconia NH. It's easy to drive by these beautiful surroundings everyday and forget how fortunate we are to be surrounded by such spectacular scenery. The white building is the Mt. Washington Hotel and resort in Bretton Woods, NH.